Caretaker Subscription

Caretaker Subscription

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Our team will survey your space and decide on a perfect spot to set up your beehive. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have land or green space to house honeybees. Once your hive is assembled, our team will schedule a regular maintenance program to ensure the continued care of your new hive for the year.

Price includes:

1 - 10 frame assembled hive

  • two hive bodies and one super
  • Bottom board with entrance reducer
  • Landing board
  • Block stand

1 - Standard aluminum telescoping cover

1 - Package of honeybees, 3 lbs or more

2 - Separate site visits, initial survey and installation visit

12 - Monthly on-site visits to maintain the honeybees and hive

Not included in this package, but can be provided for an additional fee:

  • All necessary equipment needed for maintaining the hive is sold separately and not included.
  • Mileage fee
  • Honey extraction
  • Honeybee replacement package


Option 1. $750 initial deposit, $50 a month maintenance fee for 12 months  Please contact us directly to set up this option.

Option 2.  $1300 one time fee, includes one year of maintenance ($50 savings)