Worker Bee Subscription

Worker Bee Subscription

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Our team will survey your space and decide on a perfect spot to set up your beehive. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have land or green space to house honey bees. Once your hive is assembled, our team will then let you take over as the main caretaker of the hive.

Price includes:

1 - 10 frame assembled hive

  • two hive bodies and one super
  • Bottom board with entrance reducer
  • Landing board
  • Block stand

1 - Standard aluminum telescoping cover
1 - Package of honeybees, 3 lbs or more

2 - Separate site visits, initial survey and installation visit

Not included in this package, but can be provided for an additional fee:

  • All necessary equipment needed for maintaining the hive is sold separately and not included.
  • Mileage fee
  • Honey extraction
  • Honeybee replacement package