Our Story

A love of flowers brought us together and our love for bees brought us here.

definition : the fact of owning or having;
possession of... bees

Our philosophy is simple.  Bees are beautiful creatures that need to be cherished, protected and saved.  Whether you love them, are terrified of them, or just completely indifferent; we all need honey bees in our lives. Bees give us life through food, flowers, and honey.  The honey bee's quality of life is endangered, and we hope to do our part to help stunt that.
Thus we have created a business model that allows all types of interest to support this cause.
The bee lover who just doesn't have the time... make the investment and we will take care of them for you.
The bee lover from a distance... you can sponsor a hive at different levels. Don't worry, we will keep you in the loop on how your hive is doing. You don't need to be around the bees if you are uncomfortable.
The Bee-liever of the cause... buying products from Bee-Haviour will assist in supporting us as we embark on installing hives in areas of low risk for illness and high chance of success for the honey bees.